IEEE SA CertifAIEd™ Authorized Assessor Training: SIRIM Academy (Malaysia) – Participant Stories – Part 1

Jul 5, 2024

IEEE SA CertifAIEd™ Authorized Assessor Training: SIRIM Academy (Malaysia) - Participant Stories - Part 1

Welcome to the first entry in our blog series, “IEEE SA CertifAIEd™ Authorized Assessor Training: SIRIM Academy (Malaysia) – Participant Stories”.

In this series, we share inspiring stories and experiences of professionals who have recently undergone our IEEE CertifAIEd Authorized Assessor training. We believe that hearing directly from these professionals can provide valuable insights and motivation.

Below, you’ll find testimonials from a Technology Consultant at SIRIM Academy, Malaysia.

Participant 1: Mr. Zulkefli, Technology Consultant at SIRIM Academy

Firdaus Azman: Can you introduce yourself?

Mr. Zulkefli: I am Zulkefli Mohd Dahlan, a Consultant for Technology Section at SIRIM Academy, under the Department of Quality and Technology.

I support one of SIRIM Academy’s current focus, that is on Training and Consultancy for Quality and ISO related activities, especially on emerging technologies.

Firdaus Azman: What have you gained from the training?

Mr. Zulkefli: Through the five days of training (including 1 day for exam), we have gained better understanding on ethical AI practice and AI ethics, IEEE CertifAIEd™ methodology, and how to apply and assess AI systems.

We have also learned fundamentals on Ethics Profiling (one of CertifAIEd™’s framework-processes), and how to conduct CertifAIEd™ assessment and certification processes. 

Firdaus Azman:  How do you find yourself applying the training in your work?

Mr. Zulkefli: It is a great opportunity for me to learn about the training (as a training consultant for SIRIM Academy for their future CertifAIEd™ training deliveries). Becoming an Authorized Assessor would allow me to conduct and facilitate our own future CertifAIEd™ training for SIRIM Academy.

The training also taught me collaboration process with IEEE SA and Verdas AI, and on how to conduct and deliver IEEE CertifAIEd™ training. I see great value in becoming both a trainer and an assessor for CertifAIEd™.

Additionally, because of my constant communication with academia and industry players involved in AIS development in Malaysia, the training has enabled me to understand and speak about AI Ethics and Governance.

Especially when talking about the four criteria suites; Ethical Algorithmic Bias, Ethical Transparency, Accountability, and Ethical Privacy. It is a good talking point to have with these players, especially with the recognition of an emerging AIS development and deployment field in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

I would also like to encourage these players to take the CertifAIEd™ training, where I hope that this would better promote ethical AIS practice among them.

Firdaus Azman: What are some of the IEEE CertifAIEd™ training benefits that you see for Malaysia and Southeast Asia?

Mr. Zulkefli: At SIRIM Academy, we plan to encourage and nurture ethical AIS development in every aspect. Especially in upholding all four (if not most) of the criteria suites for Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Currently, there are a lot of startup companies in Malaysia and Southeast Asia that are utilizing and embedding AIS into their business processes or systems. However, most of them are unaware or have little focus on AI ethics and assessment.

The CertifAIEd™ training had allowed me (and he believes this would also benefit Malaysia and Southeast Asia) with the knowledge on the required processes or steps for ensuring ethical AIS development, deployment, and integration.

Moreover, the emphasis of CertifAIEd™ framework on human values, such as ‘fairness’, and governance methods, would benefit those who seek to have certain structure in assessing and evaluating AIS. Hence, allowing for better control over AIS against unwanted or unintended output or outcomes.

About the Training:

The IEEE SA CertifAIEd™ Authorized Assessor Malaysia training program was conducted from May 13th to 17th, 2024. It involved 25 professionals from notable academic institutions, government agencies, and major private companies in Malaysia.

The program benefited from active collaboration between Malaysia’s SIRIM Academy, the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MOSTI), the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standards Association (IEEE SA), and Verdas AI.

United by a common interest in pursuing ethical AI practice and certification, these professionals spent four days in training followed by one day for the exam, which tested their knowledge of the IEEE CertifAIEd framework.

If you are interested in promoting ethical AI practices and becoming a certified assessor, visit our training website by clicking the button below for more information and to sign up for our next training session. Together, we can responsibly shape the development and integration of AI systems.

IEEE CertifAIEd™ Training Sessions

22-25 July 2024- 09:00 AM SGT
    26-29 August 2024 – 09:00 AM EDT

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