Transform Your Business with the Verdas AI Accelerator

Empower your organization to innovate swiftly and effectively with our comprehensive service, designed to turn strategic ideas into actionable prototypes via a series of facilitated workshops and a short, guided prototyping sprint.

AI Ethics Training

Who should join?

Designed for forward-thinking leaders in the SME sector. If you’re a C-level executive, VP, director, or responsible for AI implementation and driven by innovation, this program is for you.

The AI Accelerator Program

Profit from our field-proven expertise and the ability to customize our program to your specific needs. Here’s how we guide you towards AI-driven success:

AI Strategy Workshop

Define how AI can specifically help your business, setting the stage for impactful innovation.

Prototyping Sprint

Validate the feasibility with a prototype aimed at automating selected business processes.

Custom Implementation & Sustainable Success

Fulfil your demands from implementation to maintenance, and even employee education.

Each solution is as unique as your business, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific needs. With Verdas AI, you leverage the full potential of AI, backed by a comprehensive ecosystem of expertise, ensuring that your business is not just prepared for the future but is actively shaping it.

Why partner with Verdas AI?

We provide long-term support both after completing the AI Accelerator program and for those who have already begun their own AI journey.

World-Leading Ethical AI Experts

Navigate the complexities of AI with guidance from pioneers in Ethical AI, ensuring your solutions are responsible and aligned with regulations.

Legal Advisory Services

Access to a broad network of legal professionals specializing in AI, offering insights into compliance, intellectual property, and data privacy to safeguard your innovations.

Cybersecurity Expertise

Dedicated cybersecurity experts specializing in AI to protect your digital assets and data integrity, ensuring a secure AI integration and operation within your business.

Organizational Design Mastery

Our organizational design experts are at your disposal to ensure that your team’s structure and workflow are optimized for AI integration and innovation.

Well-known brands put their trust in us:

AI Ethics partners
AI Ethics partners
AI Ethics partners
IEEE - CertifAIEd Assessor partner
INC - AI Ethics partners
Wecon - AI Ethics partners
TUV SUD - AI Ethics partners
Telefonica - AI Ethics partners
Oppenlander AI Compliance partner
Insurtech - AI Ethics partners
CDR Austria - AI Ethics partners

Your Business with AI:

Innovate, Impact, and Lead Confidently.

Kick start with AI in just 4 days. Only 12.500 EUR to radically improve your business!

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