IEEE CertifAIEd™

Pioneering Ethical Assurance in Autonomous Intelligent Systems

IEEE CertifAIEd™ is a globally recognized certification program that evaluates the ethics of Autonomous Intelligent Systems (AIS). It helps organizations ensure their AI products and services adhere to ethical standards, including transparency, accountability, privacy, and avoiding harmful algorithmic bias. The resulting certificate and mark demonstrate an organization’s commitment to delivering trustworthy AI experiences to users.

AI Ethics Training
Fostering Confidence Through IEEE CertifAIEd™

Trust in AI systems is crucial for their acceptance and adoption. Organizations that earn IEEE CertifAIEd™ certificates for their AI products gain a significant market advantage. By providing customers with this assurance, they demonstrate a commitment to trustworthy AI. This not only builds confidence among users but also positions them at the forefront of responsible AI adoption.

All organizations, whether they develop, integrate, or operate AI systems, can benefit from IEEE Certification for their products or services. This applies regardless of whether the system is customer-facing or internal.

Why partner with Verdas AI?

Verdas AI brings unparalleled expertise and support to your certification journey, guiding you through each step to meet and surpass the IEEE CertifAIEd™ program’s ethical benchmarks since 2022. As one of the only companies authorized to conduct these assessments, we ensure certification is more than a milestone—it’s a transformative process that elevates your AIS. With our diverse team of dedicated full-time employees and a global network of experts, Verdas AI ensures your system stands out for its commitment to ethical integrity.

Unmatched Distinction

Marks AIS technologies with a prestigious certification, showcasing commitment to ethical standards.

Comprehensive Assessment

Involves a thorough evaluation of AIS against the IEEE’s stringent criteria.

Enhanced Quality and Trust

Significantly improves AIS quality and builds trust with stakeholders, encouraging broader adoption

Commitment to User Rights

Demonstrates a proactive approach to protecting user rights and delivering a trustworthy AIS experience.

Facilitates Competitive Advantage

Positions your AIS as a leader in ethical technology, setting it apart in the market.

How Does it Work?

6 Stages of IEEE CertifAIEd Assessment with Verdas AI


1. Enquiry, Data Collection and Review : The assessed companies/organizations provides information to Verdas AI, including completed Concept of Operations (ConOps) documentation, joint review of information, project scope, roles and responsibilities.

2. Ethics Profiling : Ethics Profiling and Documentation includes activities such as value elicitation, ethical risk assessment, value clustering and prioritization.

3. Criteria Suite Prioritization and EFR Selection : Prioritization and Selection of appropriate IEEE CertifAIEd Criteria Suite(s), Ethical Foundational Requirements (EFR), and Customization to be assessed against by Verdas AI. Delivering customized list requirements to the assessed companies/organizations, including evidences that showcase the stated matters above.

4. Case for Ethics : Collection of required evidence and development of Case for Ethics by the assessed companies/organizations, with the support of Verdas AI.

5. Verdas AI Assessment and Recommendation : in AI focuses on people first. It’s about stopping harmful biases and setting clear rules for what’s acceptable. To keep AI fair, we need to keep an eye on it at all stages, from start to finish, ensuring it stays on the right track.

6. Certification: Evaluation by an independent certifying body. The certifier rigorously examines the case for ethics and reviews the final report. Their impartial assessment guarantees the credibility and trustworthiness of the certification. (this portion of the process involves direct engagement with the certifier.

The IEEE CertifAIEd Process

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