Who we are

AI Excellence: Advancing AI for a better world

Verdas AI IEEE CertifAIEd Assessor

Founded in 2021 by Dr. Allison Fisher and Dr. Denise Vandeweijer, Verdas AI emerged from a shared commitment to ethical technology and human development.

We set out to establish a company that places people at the forefront, and to support companies in developing AI applications that prioritize human well-being and advance ethical practices.

Our approach is centered on collaboration. We actively seek to engage with experts and organizations that share our commitment to ethics, fostering a community dedicated to shaping the future of AI responsibly.

Welcome to Verdas AI, where ethics and technology intertwine to shape a more promising tomorrow.

Our Team

Our work focuses on the question of how people can benefit from new technologies and improved processes.
AI Trainer
Dr. Denise Vandeweijer
Managing Partner/Co-founder

Denise is a distinguished alumnus of TU Munich with a background in Mechanical Engineering, later pursued a PhD in Information Systems, enriching her academic repertoire. Her professional journey boasts a decade at BMW, where she played a pivotal role in pioneering autonomous driving initiatives. After a noteworthy 3-year tenure as the Director of AI Solutions and Projects, Dr. Denise Vandeweijer transitioned into entrepreneurship. As a serial founder in the AI domain, she has consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s possible, emphasizing an “AI-first” approach. Her passion for merging engineering with artificial intelligence makes Dr. Denise Vandeweijer a key figure in the AI industry.

AI Trainer
Dr. Allison Fisher
Managing Partner/Co-founder

Allison is a seasoned leader and educator with a passion for agile learning and ethical AI and over 20 years of expertise in leadership, curriculum design, instruction, and building and scaling training programs. After spending 15 years in academia as a university professor and Dean, she transitioned to the field of AI, working with clients to integrate AI applications into education programs, and then as the Head of AI Academy, building an AI Academy from scratch in 18 months, resulting in large-scale training initiatives for renowned companies. Dr. Fisher’s steadfast commitment to ethical AI and transformative education positions her as a dedicated advocate in shaping the future of technology.

Eda Gail Sagman
Marketing & Business Strategy

Throughout her undergraduate years at Sabancı University in Istanbul, Eda demonstrated a strong commitment to her studies and to active participation in campus life. Graduating with a degree in Economics and minors in Finance and Art Theory & Criticism, she adeptly balanced her academic pursuits with responsibilities as a university sales representative and student mentor. After completing bachelor’s, Eda spent three years in economic research. Currently pursuing her master’s in Economics, she gained practical experience in business development and marketing through internships in Germany. Eda is now a part of the Verdas AI team, fueled by her passion for AI Quality & Ethics, and exploring opportunities to integrate this passion into her academic research and career development.

Aysu Ezgi Uzunoğlu
Sales Strategy & Growth

Ezgi earned her bachelor’s degree with a major in Management and a minor in Economics from Bogazici University in İstanbul, while gaining experience as jr. startup consultant, collaborating with numerous startups. Following her graduation, she dedicated two years to the field of growth. She is now pursuing a master’s degree at TU München, specializing in Innovation & Entrepreneurship with a minor in Computer Engineering. After gaining experience in the field of growth and sales management, she is now deeply passionate about AI Quality & Ethics and is actively seeking both thesis and personal growth opportunities in this field.

Konstantin Ribel
Working Models & Organizational Development

Konstantin helps companies stay ahead of industry trends and develop a more robust organization, capable of thriving in an ever-changing environment. He achieves this by challenging the status quo, reducing organizational complexity, and crafting lightweight solutions. His proven expertise in team building, change management, process optimization, and continuous improvement enables him to lead large-scale agile transformations, implement organizational design changes, and apply systems thinking. He has over 18 years of experience in diverse engineering fields, gained in both traditional large corporations and startups. His background encompasses embedded software development, project management, change management, and transformations.

AI Auditor Trainer
Ahmad Firdaus Bin Ahmad Azman
AI Ethicist & IEEE CertifAIEd™ Lead Assessor

Firdaus is a professional in the field of digital technologies and policy, with hands-on experience in AI Ethics as an AI Ethics-Lead Assessor, AI Ethics-Assessment Trainer, and AI-standards maker and researcher. He possesses a master degree in Digital Technologies and Policy from University College London (UCL) with Distinction. Through his previous research roles for an IoT Systems Cybersecurity research consortium and a standards body in the UK, he has led, supported, and delivered various research projects for high-profile stakeholders. Additionally, he has demonstrated achievements in the technology industry, particularly in client advisory, education, digital operations and analysis. He is presently engaged with global-experts, businesses, and academia in exploring challenges and opportunities within the field of AI Ethics. Firdaus is particularly committed in helping global-firms and developing-nations to uncover practical solutions for safe, trustworthy, and responsible AI.


Empowering a future where AI is universally understood and accessible, we envisage a world where high-quality AI solutions set the standard, not the exception. We strive towards human-centric AI technologies that uplift societies, catalyze personal growth and foster a global community of knowledge, understanding and harmony. Our mission is to cultivate an AI-enabled world where each individual’s life is enriched and the collective human experience is enhanced, shaping a future that is not just better, but the best it can be.


Championing sustainable profits with inclusivity, our aim is to empower those side-lined by innovation and to foster tomorrow’s leaders, creating a balance of business growth and societal fairness.

Culture and values

At Verdas AI, we recognize the irreplaceable value of humans in an increasingly digital world. Our guiding principles reflect this deep-seated belief
People First

Whether it’s our esteemed customers or our invaluable employees, individuals are at the heart of all we do. We prioritize their well-being, growth, and satisfaction above all else. Each decision we make stems from a place of empathy, understanding, and a commitment to serving them better.

Mission Over Profit

Our purpose is unwavering. We are willing to undertake low-profit projects if they align with our mission and further the positive impact we aim to have on the world. Profit is a measure of our success, but our true legacy lies in the change we usher in and the lives we touch.

Open & Wholehearted Engagement

Every week, we come together for retrospectives, providing a platform for every voice to be heard. We believe in transparent communication, active listening, and wholehearted participation. Our aim is for every member to express freely, learn continuously, and collaborate enthusiastically.

Championing Authenticity

In all our endeavors, we encourage our team to be genuine. We celebrate diversity, individual stories, and unique perspectives. Authenticity fosters trust, nurtures relationships, and drives innovation.

Embracing the Age of AI with a Human Touch

While we harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and other technological advancements, we remember that it’s all about humans. Technology, for us, is a tool to enhance human potential, not replace it.

At Verdas AI, we don’t just build businesses; we build communities. Communities where every member is valued, heard, and inspired to be the best version of themselves.